Track payables and pay invoices on PivoHub

For now, online payment has only been activated for a few suppliers. Others will join the list shortly. You can contact your suppliers to let them know you are interested in paying them online via PivoHub.


Finally, you can pay supplier invoices on PivoHub

That's right, the wait is over. You can put your check book away and stop chasing suppliers for their bank details. Tracking how much you owe and settling your accounts just got a lot easier.


Track how much you owe all in one place

With the accounts payable module, you no longer have to wonder how much you owe each of your suppliers. When you place an order and an invoice is generated through PivoHub, your balance with that supplier is automatically updated. This gives you a unified picture of your accounts payable.AP-EN-2
This new view helps you identify your overdue accounts more easily so that you can prioritize which invoices to pay first. 

Pay suppliers in a few clicks

When you receive an invoice issued through PivoHub, you will see a QR code in the upper right corner. By pointing your phone camera at this code, a link to PivoHub will appear to guide you to the payment page for this invoice.
No need to rack your brains to find the supplier's banking information or drive 20 minutes to drop off a check. You can leave your frustrations behind and eat Cheetos with one hand while paying with the other.

Easy, secure, and free

Unlike checks, Interac or wire transfers, there are no transactions fees when you pay on PivoHub. It is 100% free for you to use.
In order to deliver the simplest and safest payment experience, we have partnered with Stripe, a global leader in payment processing used by millions of businesses around the world such as Google, Amazon and Slack. Learn more about how we keep your payment data safe.

Try your first payment today

If you're ready to simplify your payment process, head over to the “Accounts Payable” tab of your PivoHub account, or create your PivoHub account for free.
You have questions about online payment? Check out our FAQs or contact us at, we'll be happy to help.
If you aren't the person in charge of payments, share this article with them! We promise they will thank you.