Infographic: a better way to pay your suppliers

Do you ever stop in the middle of writing your 10th consecutive check to ask yourself why paying your suppliers isn't more like buying pet food for your salamander on Amazon?

We asked buyers like you what payment-related challenges they struggled with on a weekly basis. Here are some of the top aggravators:

  1. The invoice, purchase order, and account statement do not match, making it difficult to determine how much is really due. Late invoices and outright missing ones, compound the problem. In PivoHub, you can find the latest version of the invoice along with the order's history to help you piece back why the total on the invoice varies from the purchase order.
  2. Did the last check get deposited? Has the latest bottle return credits been issued? Questions like these can make it hard to determine how much you actually need to pay at any given time. When these headaches scale across dozens of suppliers, it can become truly problematic to get an accurate view across the board. In PivoHub, your list of accounts payable is updated with each transaction so that you always know exactly where you stand.
  3. Paying one supplier by check, the other by bank transfer, the next by credit card, makes the whole payment experience fragmented. Wouldn't it be nice to never have to write another check and pay every supplier with the same workflow? With PivoHub, every payment transacts the exact same simple way.


Pay the easy way

To make your first payment today, head over to the “Accounts Payable” tab of your PivoHub account, or learn more about the Account Payable module.
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